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  Anatolitis Sponges
Trade in Natural Sea Sponges Chania Crete


Our company "Anatolitis Sponges" which is located in Crete and more specifically in Chania, is a family business, which has been dynamically active since 2005 in the processing and wholesale trade of natural sea sponges.

Consistently and professionally, all these years, we supply the whole world with a wide variety of natural sea sponges, which stand out for their high quality and unique properties. 

  We travel all over the world

always looking for the best natural sponges the enchanting has to offer
bottom and we offer them at competitive prices.
  Our sponges 


distinguished for their great durability and excellent quality. They are ecological, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. They do not hurt or irritate the skin, making them an ideal choice for any skin type, male or female, of any age.

Also, in us you will find loofahs, pumice stones and many more excellent seabed products for the treatment and care of you and your loved ones.

Our experience in natural sea sponges, our respect for the environment, the high quality of our products and our professionalism are some of the reasons that have highlighted our family business as one of the best in the field.

All our products

they are sent directly all over Greece, while they can travel all over the world bringing with them the energy of the sea and the feeling of freshness.
Our business philosophy

is to give people the gift of nature and the opportunity for a healthier, fresher and more enjoyable care.
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for any question about our products or to place your order.
Our products are shipped directly worldwide.